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What are sailors saying about Venezuela?

We are pleased to present cruising logs and other writings about Venezuela by people who have cruised our waters and traveled our country. If you have a story you would like to share, please email the: Webmaster.
From Cabo Codera to Trinidad
Cabo Codera to Trinidad - Click to enlarge
The Voyage of Wind-Borne III - 2003, 4
by Carolyn & Rick
on board s/v Wind-Borne III
Puerto la Cruz Canal
Puerto la Cruz Canal
We lifted both anchors and we were ready to leave by 9AM. It was less than 5 miles to Puerto La Cruz. The water was flat and there wasn't any breeze. When we arrived at the breakwall we called Arnoldo, the dockmaster of Bahia Redonda marina where we had reservations. Arnoldo met us in his dinghy and led the way to our slip. On our way through the marina we passed many boats we recognized. They all waved hello. The tropical landscaping of the marina was beautiful and more like a resort. They do in fact have a hotel/condo for guests or anyone wanting time off their boat. Our slip is beside the pool and a few steps from the restaurant. More...
Passagemaker Discussion Board - 2003
by Phil Macken
First, don't believe everything you hear about the danger "Gringos" face in Venezuela. Like in any US city, you have to know what neighborhoods to stay out of. I found the people very friendly and helpful. They are a hard working folk.....Second, the bargains are tremondous. How would you like to emron, gel coat, or awlgrip your hull, topdecks, and redo your bottom for under $10K US. The workmanship is the best quality and matches or betters anything you can get done in the states. Canvas work is also cheap and high quality. All the cruisers here are getting some work done on their boats before heading north. The value of the US dollar is very good in exchange....Third...Availability of provisions and food is pretty good. Several markets I have been in match the quality and cleanliness of our major stores back home.....Last....Fuel....People here are upset because Diesel just went up to $0.19/Gal.

This is a beautiful country with breath taking views, and I am very lucky to have been invited down here. Maby next year, I will bring the trawler down for some much needed cosmetic surgery.

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MIZ MAE Sailing in the Caribbean and Pacific - 2003
by Lilly Vedana & Thomas Mueller
on board Yacht MIZ MAE
Eating out is great and very inexpensive with a good main course around 9 USD. Quality is super and service more than polite. We closed the kitchen for some days and pigged out as only cruisers can do after weeks in the islands.

The General Manager of Bahia Redonda Marina, Mr. Carlos Vasquez, has informed us, that the marina runs business as usual. No shortages. No security problems.
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The Insiders' Gulf of Cariaco - 2003
by Diane St.-Hilaire and Claude Bérubé
Caribbean Compass
Laguna Grande del Obispo
Laguna Grande del Obispo
Golfo de Cariaco
Many sailboat captains agree that Laguna Grande, at the entrance to the Gulf of Cariaco, is one of the finest anchorages they have visited in the entire Caribbean. Chris Doyle and Jeff Fisher, in their excellent and useful guide to Venezuela say, "This colossal bay is breathtakingly beautiful with an endless variety of contrasting hills in white and glowing reds. It is a timeless desert landscape, outstandingly colorful and decorative. It must rate high among the Caribbean's hidden treasures and only a few people stop by." More...
Venezuela on a Harley - 13/1/03 - 30/1/03, 2003
by Peter & Kay Forwood
on a Harley-Davidson
Map of Venezuela
15/1/03 Whilst we had no difficulty getting restaurant food along the road nor here in Puerto la Cruz, it is expensive, and there are no supplies of soft drink, or beer, milk is in limited supply and fast food chains are closed. The day was spent at Bahia Redonda Marina mixing and mingling with yachties, expats and western drop outs, as we tried to get a feel for boating the Caribbean, which most of those people have done.

Webmaster's note: This motorcycle trip through Venezuela was taken during the worst political confrontation the country has seen in well over 50 years. More...

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