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What are sailors saying about Venezuela?

We are pleased to present cruising logs and other writings about Venezuela by people who have cruised our waters and traveled our country. If you have a story you would like to share, please email the: Webmaster.
From Cabo Codera to Trinidad
Cabo Codera to Trinidad - Click to enlarge
Avalon's Circumnavigation - 2001
by Rosie & Jim Zoro
on board s/y Avalon
Guacharo Cave
Guacharo (oil bird) Cave
Caripe, Venezuela
Now we are in the very civilised Bahia Redonda Marina in Puerto La Cruz. Rosie's day starts with water aerobics at 06.45 in the pool every morning, but she has yet to indulge in the "noodling" lessons (for exercise when in deep water). Other organised events include "Pot Luck" supper Monday evenings; dominoes Sunday afternoons; weekly bus trip to supermarket and boat chandlers, etc. We made our first trip out on Thurs/Fri - to the Guacharo Caves near Caripe staying overnight in a posada. We felt we had made a major triumph in achieving the journey as no-one we met spoke English and buses were infrequent. The trip back took 6 hours and we travelled in 6 different vehicles! This is a testament not only to our perseverance, but also the helpfulness of the local people in sorting out how we could get from A to B in one day. The area we stayed in is part of one of the many national parks, set in beautiful mountains.

The main interest of the caves for us was the guacharos or oilbirds: they feed at night on fruits, and the seeds litter the cave floors and provide food for the many rats around. The experience was not unlike being in an Indiana Jones movie with the birds' gutteral squawks and churring at being disturbed, the scuttling of rats, crickets and crabs on the floor, and in an inner cave a heaving huddle of bats high up amongst the stalactites. We came across one guacharo on the cave floor (a young one, according to the guide) so were able to see the colouring and size well. More...

Venezuela Pictures - October 2000
from The Sailing Adventures of La Boatique: From Lake Erie to New Zealand
by Susan Foote Wagner
Fishing boat, Cabo San Francisco, Venezuela
Fishing boat (peñero)
Cabo San Francisco, Venezuela
We were certainly taking a big gamble. We knew we would head for the ocean and then south for the winter. But we weren't sure where we were going or how long we would be gone. Maybe we would not like ocean cruising and would only make our way to Florida. The Caribbean seemed inviting as a destination if we could only cope with the open ocean for days. And then there were Pete's thoughts of far off exotic Tahiti, his ultimate destination. We had lived a frugal life style and put aside a nice cruising kitty, but we did not know how long our kitty would last. We did not know if we would like a wandering lifestyle where we would never stay in one place for long.

We went for our first test ride on May 17. We motored out into Lake Erie and found we had a loose alternator belt. After our short ride Pete tightened the belt. We weren't cruising, but at least the boat moved. More...

Dahlfin II Status - 1998
by Bonnie
on board s/v Dahlfin II
Bahia Redonda Classic Regatta
Bahia Redonda Classic Regatta, Oct 9, 2004
Nice sail (19 nm) again on a south wind to Puerto La Cruz. Get into Bahia Redonda marina around 1330 and even though we are a bit ahead of our reservations, they have a slip waiting for us. As we come in we see 7 or 8 good boat friends from anchorages past. A nice welcome back from all the marina crew we made friends with last year. We started with the paper process for clearing in. At 1700 we meet all out friends in the pool for "home-coming". As last year, we enjoy being in Bahia Redonda and will be here for a few months, using Puerto La Cruz as a base for our travels inland. More...
The Voyage of Pirate Jenny - 1996
by Bart Tecter
on board s/v Pirate Jenny
Isla La Borracha anchorage
Isla La Borracha anchorage
This was reputedly one of Captain Morgan's favorite anchorages
Puerto La Cruz is Venezuela's boatyard. There are at least six large marinas in the area. Two of these marinas offer very extensive boat yards and dry storage. There are several marine stores and hundreds of foreign yachts of every flag and size. Many boats choose Puerto La Cruz to have hulls painted and bottoms redone. A good choice due to the dry air, minimal rain and inexpensive labour along with good quality and inexpensive Venezuelan made brand name paints. Venezuela is also well known for it's Caribe and AB Dinghies. More...
Mid-Life Cruising Sabbatical - July 1993
by Jim Barrentine and Diane Mayo
on board s/v Down Time
Anchorage at Punta Pargo
When last you heard, we were in Trinidad planning to leave any day for Venezuela. We did go to Venezuela, a month after we wrote the last letter. Schedules never seem to work out as we plan. For a change, however, the weather cooperated and we were able to spend time in wonderful, deserted anchorages in the north eastern corner of Venezuela. These anchorages are usually too rolly to spend much time in, but we hit a great weather window and they were flat calm while we were there. We stayed in one of the few anchorages that has been documented as a place Christopher Columbus anchored. We also spent three days in a small fishing village that normally never sees cruising boats. We were such an unusual sight for the fishermen and their families, they kept coming by to make sure we were alright. They were wonderful, friendly people. More...

Anchorage at Punta Pargo
North coast of Paria Peninsula

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