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Venezuelan flag Only the official flag has the seal of arms. Flags flown by private persons and yachts should not have the seal of arms.

Links to Venezuela
Venezuela - an overview
Map of Venezuela
Venezuela Tuya . com
Los Roques - where to stay
Los Roques - or here
Los Llanos
Venezuela's Eco Portal
Jakera Tours
One Great Photo Collection
Photos by
New Frontiers Adventures

Listen to Venezuelan music
Música Llanera en Real Audio

Venezuelan blogs
Caracas Chronicles
The Devil's Excrement

Venezuelan news
El Universal (En Sp) (Sp)
Latin Petroleum (En)

Foreign Embassies in Venezuela
British Embassy
Canadian Embassy
United States Embassy
Other Foreign Embassies with web sites
Other Foreign Embassies without web sites

Internet in Venezuela the Venezuelan Internet domain register (
whois Search for domains registered in Venezuela (.ve)

Map of Venezuela

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