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What happened to Bahia Redonda?

The marina was sold in 2016 and the new owners decided not to have a website. When built about 20 years ago, the marina complex was designed to attract international cruisers and an attractive website was of the essence. The first website had a domain name and was a rather simple affair.

I had been dabbling in website design since 1998. When I moored my boat at Bahia Redonda in 2002 I decided to marry my love of sailing and my love of information technology and offered my services to the marina to build a world class website.

One of the difficulties of websites is attracting visitors. Many business websites are inward looking. "This is what we offer" is often not enough to get good page ranking in search engines. Creating content with keywords and key phrases to attract customers is not easy but the marina provided an opportunity to create world class content for mariners. That is how the Caribbean Information Portal was born. The red menu for the marina and the green menu for the information portal.

When the new owners decided not to renew the web hosting agreement it seemed rather a shame to lose such a valuable resource. The Caribbean Information Portal has a new home at

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